PC Services

I have worked with PCs to varying extents pretty much since they came into existence.  What I will be specialising in is education so that you can get more out of your PC, be happier and more productive, and to have less reliance on others. Let me know the sort of things that you are either struggling with or maybe you just want to get better at, and I can arrange a visit to help at your house using your PC.

I am very patient and have taught many people how to get better use from their PCs and software. I have produced guides to help people remember what to do; I can produced simple instructions to show you what to do. So many people have problems and have to keep taking their PC back to a shop to get it fixed, let me help you to fix it yourself and save money.

Not everyone wants to do things themselves, like installing software or an upgrade. I can do that at your house so you don’t have the hassle of unplugging everything and risking damage moving the PC to let a shop do the work.  While I can fix hardware problems it is not my intention to offer that as a service due to the need to have a great diversity of spares.

These are some of the more common issues:

  • Would you mind if your PC broke and you lost all your pictures, letters, or even business work on it?
  • Do you do backups?
  • Do you use the cloud and is it safe, how can you start using it?
  • Do you sometimes get frustrated trying to find things on the internet?
  • Is your PC secure?
  • Is the anti-virus up to date and working?
  • Is your PC so slow but it never used to be?
  • Do you find word processors and spreadsheets frustrating and confusing?

If you are not happy with your answer to any of these then I can help, but just as importantly I can help you to do more for yourself.

Price – Initial consultation – free! Discuss requirement by phone and either agree fixed cost or to use hourly rate. Hourly rate £20 for visit, client work / education.