This is where my management experience really comes in. Taking photos is easy compared with trying to organise a crowd of people into a nice pose with everyone nicely in view when many of them might be noisy / excited / drinking.
I will stay throughout the day and the evening if wanted so that you have an entire day of memories captured for this special occasion. I have been the photographer at numerous weddings and understand how different they all are; I can be low profile in the background, have formal set compositions or any combination or style that you want.
Remember that you get all good digital images with no restrictions, or extra charges, to share with friends and family.

Price – £600 Includes: Consultation; venue(s) visit; wedding day – bride preparations, service, reception, evening do; photo processing; 2 x DVD of all good images (could easily be over 500 images). 

Note. No printed photos or albums will be provided, just processed digital images for this package.  On request and at extra cost I will print photos and put them in an album of your choice. For a limited time only I will provide a basic video the service and provide a free DVD. This is while I practice my videoing skills. I have done this already at weddings successfully but cannot yet 100% guarantee the results.